Learn How to Make Your First Dollar with CPA for Free


You are about to learn how to make money with CPA marketing using a very simple method. This method is for guys who want some few bucks from cpa and don’t want to invest in ads and domains .

The method is old but still works.

So lets dive in

Step 1 :

You need a Cpa network. Here are recommended few  :

Now once you have your network ready, now its time to get the offer .

Try to find the email submits that pay at least $1.00-$1.50. And we are looking for Job offers. There are millions of people searching for jobs online . You have to put your offer link in front of these people in a way, so that they can fill your offer and you make profit . Always try to find offers that have top tier countries includes uk/usa/aus/ca/nz/Ireland etc . And be sure they have social traffic accepted. If you are not sure , ask your affiliate manager . Once you got your offer ready . Time for Traffic part .

Step 2:
Now all you need is traffic. Few traffic sources I recommend .

Craigslist :

This site has huge flood of traffic for gigs and literally everything you can dream off!
Just post your job there and be ready to get tons of responses. If you are unable to post links. Simply ask their email address and email them your links. (be safe )

Example: Job in this and this category available in this area. We need X amount of people . (just give your specifications acc to your offer )Interested candidates contact via email.

Once they give you their email. Mail them back with your offer link and ta da, you got a conversion!

Facebook groups :
There are few groups online that are dedicated for jobs. Simply add your self their and start posting job offers. I am sure you will get conversions for sure . Be creative in posting part .

Few tips to make it even more juicy.
1. Be legit as much as you can . People on craigslist smell fishy things mile away.
2. Try to replicate this method with other sections Like work from home . You can post your survey links their .
3. Don’t be spammy
4. Collect emails from them and put them into mailchimp, You get 2000 contact free. Once you have emails, blast your offers again and again.


So now you have it. This simple method can make few bucks for noobs struggling. Once you got some conversions. I suggest learn as much as you can and invest your profits.

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Thank you .

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